Dieter Verhoeven

Build & Deployment Team Coodinator

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As humans we have certain goals and dreams, most of these we will not achieve. I believe this is because we think we want to reach these goals and dreams, yet we do not know what it entails.

Being a CxO or a manager is one of these dreams plenty of people have, yet very few know what it means to be a CxO or manager; the responsibilities, challenges, expectations, etc.

Being a manager is something I had as a long-term goal for a while. It’s something I think I want, yet all I have is a picture of it means, without validation of the correctness of this picture. CxO for a week is a chance to challenge this picture and rebuild it if necessary. Depending on the things I learn, it can be the reason for pursuing the dream of managing people or putting them completely behind me.

I am a strong believer in learning from failure and going out of my comfort zone to grow as a person. This is a beautiful opportunity for me to do this; there will be plenty for me to learn, directly and indirectly. A chance to meet people who I otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity of getting to know.